Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Urban and Regional Air Mobility (CURAM) at the Georgia Institute of Technology is to lead research and education related to the emergence of urban air mobility and new forms of regional aviation. These new modes of aviation, enabled by aircraft with electrified propulsion and increasingly automated systems, offer the potential for great economic value to society. We pursue precompetitive research intended to overcome barriers to technical feasibility, regulatory acceptability, economic viability, and public acceptance in order to achieve safe, desirable, and equitable means of urban air mobility (UAM) and low-cost regional air transportation.

CURAM serves as the focal point at Georgia Tech to organize interdisciplinary research in UAM and regional flight by leveraging the Institute’s considerable expertise in all engineering disciplines, policy, city planning, and economics. We develop and curate facilities and research products including simulation models, demand forecasts, technology test laboratories, and flight demonstrator testbeds. CURAM collaborates with industry partners as well as local, state, and national agencies to identify and carry out research and educational initiatives that support their needs, and we identify opportunities to conduct demonstration projects in metro Atlanta and throughout the State of Georgia.